ATEX-compliant shaft encoders

Safe explosion protection through ATEX-compliant housing

A particular challenge for shaft encoders are explosive atmospheres such as transfer systems in painting lines, filling/bagging stations in grain mills, petrol pumps at filling stations, or geothermal energy environments.

As an accredited manufacturer of explosion-proof enclosures, we offer ATEX-compliant absolute encoders with housings made of aluminium or stainless steel for hygienically sensitive applications. The housings are encapsulated in a pressure-resistant way and can be used under the harshest conditions of temperature class T6 in Zone 1 (gases) or 21 (dusts). The enormous selection of interfaces will include the right shaft encoder for every need.


ATEX - Explosion-Protected Encoders


Zone 1/21


The ATEX solution for Zone 1/21 for the standard shaft encoders from TR-Electronic. AEV70 makes the standard encoder functionality also available for ATEX Zone 1/21. Also available in stainless steel for aggressive media or food technology.

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If it has to be both SIL and ATEX: Maximum functional safety (SIL3/PLd) and explosion-proof for Zone 1/21. The SIL3 encoders, e.g. for painting lines, process engineering …

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For linear paths in environments with explosive gas atmosphere: Rope length encoder with ATEX approval for Zone 1.

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Zone 2/21


AEV58 are special versions of the standard 58 mm encoder for use in Zones 2/22. Same installation space, same connection technology, same interfaces

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The “simpler” functionally safe and explosion-proof version. SIL3 PLd for Zones 2/22. Optionally with solid shaft or continuous hollow shaft.

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