Printing and paper

Automation solutions for maximum printing and paper

Complex printing machines with different processing steps in one machine such as printing, folding and stapling, require absolutely precise and fast signal processing. Only in this way can the individual processes be seamlessly synchronized with one another and an outstanding print result be achieved.

Time is money in the printing industry too. Because the more print jobs each machine can handle in a short time, the faster the high investment costs in the machinery are paid off. But the end customer also benefits from efficient printing processes: through faster job processing and optimal print quality.

TR-Electronic automation solutions for the printing and paper industry ensure fast signal processing on printing machines, high precision and exact color reproduction. Our decentralized compact drives automate adjustment processes and ensure maximum flexibility and safety in use. Rotary encoders with stainless steel housings can withstand even aggressive media such as groundwood pulp in paper machines. And small absolute rotary encoders measure movements in restricted installation spaces with absolute reliability and precision.

Successful products from TR-Electronic in the printing and paper industry:

Project example - Koenig & Bauer AG, Würzburg

Leading manufacturer of sheet offset, jobbing offset and newspaper offset printing machines


Time-critical signal processing and distribution in sheet offset printing machines


@CAM high-performance cam group

  • Use in the Rapida series of sheet offset printing machines
  • Central generation and sending of time-critical signals from sheet separation through to delivery to all printing units and other stations, which synchronize their movements accordingly
  • Distribution of signals with reduced wiring complexity
  • @CAM head generates the cam signals and sends them via bus line to the printing and processing units, where they are digitally output


Automation of adjustment tasks in web offset printing machines without requiring more control capacity for centrally controlled drives and without requiring more switch cabinet installation space for servo amplifiers.

encoTRive compact drive

  • Use in the Compacta series of web offset machines Mechanical adjustment tasks in the entire printing press must be automated, Automated adjustment of roller distances in the printing units for correct color reproduction
  • Setting of stops, cutters and folds to the desired end formats in final processing
  • Automatic changeover to different production modes at the control station
    • Networking of all drives via Profibus, the drives only require target data and a start command.
    • Parallel adjustments for reduced adjustment times, the drives process the target data automatically without involving the central control.
    • Customer-specific control protocols for simple integration into existing control structures and new machine concepts
    • Absolute encoder technology for reliable positioning in all machine states
    • encoTRive in countless variants with capacities between 25 and 300 W, transmission and optional brake
    • Problem-free communication with the control thanks to CANopen and Profibus standards