Metal processing

Measurement and control systems for punching and forming processes

Profitable operation in punching and forming technology not only requires highly productive machines and competent employees, but also highly efficient, automated processes. Increasing competition and cost pressure, the demand for shorter innovation cycles and production times as well as the highest quality requirements for both high and low stroke rates place the highest demands on automation technology.

Comprehensive visualization enables punching and forming processes to be displayed, monitored and optimized if required. TR-Electronic offers a wide range of sensors for machines and tools in this area. These transform physical quantities such as sound, temperature, displacement, vibrations and pressure into electrical signals, which are evaluated by measurement and control systems. All of the tool's process data in relation to punching and forming is displayed without interruption. In addition, we offer complete measuring systems for initial equipment or retrofitting, functions for tool safety and     press force monitoring and extensive services in connection with punching and forming.
Naturally all products can easily withstand the high stresses caused by shock and vibration – your guarantee of reliable operation coupled with a long working life.

Successful products from TR-Electronic in metal processing:

Project example - Härter Stanztechnik GmbH, Königsbach/Stein

Supplier of high-performance progressive dies, precision stamped parts, precision injection molded parts and subassemblies