Event technology

Absolute rotary encoders and incremental encoders for safe events

In theater, musical, opera or ballet events people are always in the immediate vicinity of automated stage technology. In order to exclude all hazards and to enable smooth operation, maximum safety and reliability of the technical equipment and stage machinery is required.

At TR-Electronic you will find absolute rotary encoders, for example, for all requirement classes in event technology. From rotary encoders with an additional incremental track through to SIL3-/PLe-certified safety rotary encoders, we offer the right solution for your customized safety concept.

Successful products from TR-Electronic in event technology:

Project example - Grand Théatre de la Ville de Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Theater, opera, ballet and music in a building of international standing


  • Control of around 70 drives
    • 29 automated scenery cables above the stage, further cables above the  proscenium and backstage, 12 mobile flying devices, drives for the fire doors, the "iron curtain" and the main curtain
    • 5 double-deck platforms in the lower machinery
    • Ballet floor wagon and revolving platform which can be wheeled on stage from backstage
    • 4 stage wagons that can be wheeled on from the side stage
  • Complex metamorphoses through combination of axes, like a wave-shaped pattern or coordinated patterns of stage and scenery hoist


Absolute rotary encoders from TR-Electronic are used to detect the position of the machine axes. They are integrated into one housing and provide two independently determined position signals. Depending on the specific requirement and control philosophy, the options range from absolute rotary encoders with an additionally scanned incremental signal through to dual rotary encoders with SIL/PL rating. Different safety requirements can thus be fulfilled.

In the maximum configuration, two completely independent rotary encoders share shaft and housing and provide a reliable position and speed signal with certified safety - in a single installation space, which was previously required by one standard rotary encoder.