Standard/compact rotary encoders

Optically or magnetically scanning rotary encoders from TR-Electronic precisely detect positions in steel production, wind turbines, cranes and ships etc. and, when explosion protected, in painting plants. Miniature versions ensure the correct position in medical engineering and SIL3 approved absolute encoders provide for the necessary safety.

In addition to high-quality encoders for almost any application, we offer extensive accessories such as programming tools, displays and assembly components for quick and easy commissioning and seamless process integration.

Model ranges

22 mm

Genuine multi-turn rotary encoder in 22 mm miniature format.
SSI, analogue

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36 mm

Compact design 36 mm
All-magnetic scanning
Also highly impermeable and washdown safe (IP69k)

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The industry standard


Industrial Ethernet with the “extra” functionality
Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP
Resolution classes 12 bit, 15 bit, 18 bit
Solid shaft, blind-hole shaft, hollow shaft

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Compact double encoder, fits into space for a standard 58 mm rotary encoder. Two independent multiturn-detections. 2x SSI, SSI+INC, 2x CANopen

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Large hollow shafts

C_H 802

For continuous shafts up to 25 mm (without groove 27 mm) Direct interfaces, field buses, Industrial Ethernet

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For continuous shafts up to 50 mm
Direct interfaces, field buses, Industrial Ethernet

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The hollow shaft encoder with double interface. Optionally with a second single-turn scan.

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Special ambient conditions


The ATEX shaft encoder for Zones 1/21.

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Stainless steel encoder for aggressive environmental conditions: direct interfaces, field bus, Industrial Ethernet

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Robust housing solution for protection against mechanical influences. Also with heating for cryogenic applications.

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Functional safety

Functional safety, smaller in size than ever

Currently smallest absolute multiturn encoder for applications according SIL3!

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The integrated SIL3/PLe solution for solid position and speed measurements. Absolute multi-turn measurements. Directly in error-protected bus systems
PROFISAFE (Profibus, Profinet)
Open Safety (Powerlink)
Functional Safety over EtherCAT
Also as ATEX version for Zone 2/22

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The SIL3 solution for explosion-risk Zones 1/21.

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Safe inside, heavy duty outside.
Reinforced bearings
Resistant housing
Stable mounting flange
Safe bus technology

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The cable connection specialist


For more fieldbus device connection space
Fieldbus cover for direct cabling on a construction site

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