Linear encoders

From linear absolute measuring systems through to laser distance measurement

TR-Electronic linear encoders acquire linear movements in machines, tools and installations according to your specific requirements with different technologies.

Linear absolute position measuring systems and position sensors (magnetostriction) measure linear movements e.g. in injection molding machines without contact and wear-free, or are integrated directly into hydraulic cylinders. Cascadable position sensors position parting units. High-resolution absolute position measuring systems with a glass scale ensure precise positioning on machine tools. And laser sensors based on phase difference measuring techniques position aisle stackers in the desired position extremely precisely in warehousing and materials handling technology.

With TR-Electronic linear rotary encoders you can measure paths virtually wear-free and precisely move your machines and installations to the desired position. As a result you will increase the availability of your installations and guarantee efficient production processes. You will prevent expensive production downtimes and prolong the lifetime of your machines.

All TR-Electronic linear encoders at a glance:


Linear absolute position measuring systems for non-contact measurement
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Glass scale / transformation

Precise linear measurements without reference travel
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Laser distance measurement

Measurement over long distances without contact and fast enough for closed-loop control
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Barcode positioning systems

Barcode positioning systems of type BE-901
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Wire-actuated encoders

Draw-wire encoders with absolute rotary encoders or incremental rotary encoders
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Electrical and mechanical accessories for linear encoders
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