Plastics processing

Linear measuring systems for the plastics industry

The diverse and often complex measuring tasks in plastics processing machinery and systems require fast signal processing and high precision. Linear measuring systems (linear encoders) from TR-Electronic for installation in hydraulic cylinders can be integrated seamlessly into injection molding machines, while our linear encoders in an aluminium profiled housing can be mounted in many different positions within the machine, thanks to a wide variety of mounting options. Industrial PCs are a universal platform for user-specific control systems in both series machines and special systems.

All products ensure that production processes in the plastics industry run efficiently and reliably. Machine downtimes due to faults are substantially reduced and cycle times are shortened.

Successful products from TR-Electronic in plastics processing:

Linear encoders (magnetostriction)

Absolut rotary encoders operate reliably even in the event of a power failure and avoid reference travel or empty running of the system

Project example - Ferromatik Milacron Maschinenbau GmbH, Malterdingen

Development and production of high-quality injection molding machines for the manufacture of plastic parts


Integration of a linear measuring system into a hydraulic injection molding machine. In order to ensure identical production conditions throughout the production process, the closing movement of the tool should be acquired absolutely and wear-free during each working stroke. In addition, the movements of the extruder units should be measured and regulated accordingly.


Linear measuring system in a profiled housing for mounting to axes enables free access to measuring system and magnet. Linear measuring systems in a pressure-resistant casing duct, on the other hand, are suitable for installation in hydraulic cylinders. Both measuring system variants operate without contact and wear-free.