Functional Description of Absolute Position Transducers

Absolute position transducers sense rotary and angular movements and convert them into electrical signals. Unlike incremental measuring systems, the absolute position transducer provides the current position value instantaneously. If this measuring system is moved mechanically in the deactivated state, the current position can be read out directly as soon as the voltage supply is switched on again.
 The absolute position transducers from TR can be delivered as singleturn or multuturn device, depending on the technical specifications.

Singleturn position transducer
This position transducer resolves a single revolution or turn of the drive shaft into measuring increments. The number of measuring increments per revolution is recorded via a coded glass disc and opto-electronics or by a magnetic detection chip. This measured value is output via different interface modules depending on the type of interface used. The measured and transmitted value is repeated after each revolution.

Multiturn position transducer
Besides the angular positions per revolution, multi-turn position transducers also record multiple rotations or turns. The drive shaft is connected to an internal reduction gear via which the number of revolutions is recorded.In the case of the multi-turn position transducer, the measured value is thus composed of the angular position and the number of revolutions. The measured value is also balanced and output via different interface modules depending on the type of interface used.

Magnetic detection

Optical detection