Connectivity for Absolute Angular Displacement Transducers

The absolute angular displacement transducers from TR can be supplied with various plugs or cable glands. It is advisable to use a plug if the wiring and assembly of the angular displacement transducer are to be performed at different times or if the transducer has to be replaced quickly and easily. On the encoder side, you will normally find a flanged plug (pins); to connect this, you will need a coupling or cable socket into which to plug the cable or control unit. Specifications and details of plug types are available on request.

Direct interfaces (SSI, Parallel, Analog)

Technical information "M12-Plugs" Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet  M12-plugs

  • Abgang axial (Rückseite)
  • Radial outgoing feeder (on side of housing)

Absolute rotary encoders with cable

Cable outlet with cable

1. Outgoing feeder with cable

    a) radial
    b) axial

2. Cable selection

    a) Standard cable
    b) According to customer specification

3. Type of cable (end finishing)

    a) Ready-made cable with plug
        (individual lengths)

    b) Bare end without plug

    c) According to customer specification
       (length, stripped cable)


1. Plug selection

    a) M 23 plug (standard)
    b) M 12 plug (optional)
    c) Combination multi-pin plug (only with cable)
    d) Special plug connector (only with cable)

2. Plug assignment

    a) 12-pole (standard)
    b) 17-pole (optional)
    c) At customer request


Example configuration of a standard plug for SSI

    - M23
    - 12-pole

Bus system

1.) Side cover for cable (CE_58, CO_58)


Example of CEV 58 with CANopen
2.) Radial connector outlet (CE_58, CO_58)

    2 × M12 + 1 × M8

    a) TR standard:   
                              - 2 × M12
                              - 2 × M12 + 1 × M8

                         b) CiA-compliant
                               -2 × M12 + 1 × M8

      2 × M12, 1 × M8

   2 × M12 + 1 × M8


Example of CEV 58 with PROFIBUS
3.) Axial connector outlet (CM_58, CE_58, CO_58)

     2 × M12 + 1 × M8

      3 × M12

      3 × M12 

     TR standard:    
                            - 2 × M12
                            - 2 × M12 + 1 × M8

     3 × M12

      3 × M12


Example of CEV 58 with PROFIBUS
Room for even more functions –
im 65 mm housing

_Convenient connection of field bus cables
_Large clamping range for cable glands
_Optimal adaptation thanks to extensive selection
  of plug connectors
_Incremental signal for converter and field bus for
  control from one encoder
_Decentralized control of machine parts by cam
  group in encoder
_Rare interfaces feasible


A host of special functions in 65 mm housing

In special engineering applications, it has been proven that the use of cable from a roll to connect field devices saves costs. The cables are cut to size and connected during installation. Minimal cable bends and generous terminal equipment considerably facilitate on-site connection of C_V 65.

Installation space comparison

58 mm housing                  65 mm housing