Safety rotary encoders

Safety rotary encoders

Absolute rotary encoders for maximum safety according to SIL3 / PLe

Many applications in automation technology are subject to the highest safety requirements. By using SIL3/PLe-certified products you will achieve maximum safety in workplaces or environments that are shared by people and machines.

TR-Electronic was one of the first sensor manufacturers whose rotary encoders were certified to SIL3/PLe. Since then, our functionally safe rotary encoders have been successfully used in event technology, wind energy as well as cranes and material handling technology.

Our absolute rotary encoders with SIL3 or PLe certification (safety rotary encoders) are available in sizes from 75 mm (hollow shaft or solid shaft). Standard interfaces such as Double SSI, PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS or PROFIsafe via PROFINET, Open-Safety via Powerlink or Functional Safety over EtherCAT guarantee optimal safety and precision for specific applications. The ATEX-compliant housing variant offers additional protection in explosive atmospheres.

No separate modules are necessary for reliable position output, and there is no need to separately program a safety module - you couldn't get a simpler or more cost-efficient solution.

All safety encoders with SIL3/PLe certification at a glance:


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