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TR-Electronic's quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Our products also have countless technical certifications such as SIL3/PLe, CANopen or PROFINET, for example. You are therefore guaranteed the highest product quality combined with reliable operation, as well as fulfillment of the highest quality and safety requirements. In a nutshell: You are always on the safe side with TR-Electronic.

ISO 9001:2015 (TR-Electronic)

ZVEI Code of Conduct

TR-Electronic GmbH agrees with the ZVEI-Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility.

ISO 9001:2015 (TRsystems)

UL Certificate of Compliance (TR-Electronic)

Rotary encoder - series 58/75/80/84/110+Generation2

Linear encoder - Series 322/326/327/331/333/

Drives - Series MA and MP

Info CSA / UL

Explosion-proof equipment

according to directive 2014-34-EU codicil 3- "ATEX"

Certification as manufacturer for explosion proof rotary encoders category 2G and 2D

Examination certificate rotary encoders category 2G and 2D, Series A__70 and A__88

Examination certificate rotary encoders category 2G and 2D, Series A__100

Examination certificate category 2G for wire draw encoders SL30xx GS80 / GS130

Maritime Applications

Linear encoder LMR70-A

SIL / PL Certificate of functional safety

Rotary encoder - CD_582M-EPN (PROFIsafe over PROFINET)

Rotary encoder - CD_582M-EPN (EtherNet/IP – CIP-Safety)

Rotary encoder - CD_75M-SSI (2xSSI)

Rotary encoder - CD_75M-PBS (PROFIsafe over PROFIBUS)

Rotary encoder - CD_75M-EPN (PROFIsafe over PROFINET)

Rotary encoder - AD_88M-EPN (PROFIsafe over PROFINET)

Rotary encoder - CD_75M/AD_88M - EPL+FS (openSAFETY over POWERLINK)

Rotary encoder - CD_75M - ETC+FSoE (FailSafe over EtherCAT)

Incremental rotary encoder I_58 + FS


Rotary encoder - CMx-58

Rotary encoder - COx-58

Drives - encoTRive MD-xxx


Rotary encoder - CEx-58, COx-58, CEx-65, COx-65

Linear encoder - LA-46, LP-46, LMP-30, LE-200

Drehgeber - Cxx-582


Rotary encoder - C__58
Linear encoder - LA-46,LP-46, LMP-30 with switch

Rotary encoder - C__65
Linear encoder - LA-46, LP-46, LMP-30, LE-200 without switch


Rotary encoder - CEx-58M, CEx-65M


Rotary encoder - COx-58

Rotary encoder - Cxx-58 with velocity

Rotary encoder - Cxx-582

Rotary encoder - Cxx-65 with cams

Rotary encoder - Cxx-65 with SSI-Interface

Linear encoder - LA-46,
LP-46, LMP-30

Linear encoder - LA-46, LP-46, LMP-30 with MRP

Linear encoder - LMRI-46, LMPI-46, LMP-30 with PNO Encoder-Profile 4.2

Laser - LE-25

Laser - LE-200

Barcode positioning system BE-901

Drives - encoTRive MD-300

DRIVE-CLiQ Certificate

Rotary encoder - CMV36M

Rotary encoder - Cxx58

Rotary encoder - Cxx582x

Rotary encoder - Cxx802x

Rotary encoder - Cxx1102x

Declaration of conformity (TR-Electronic)