TR presents the currently smallest absolute multiturn encoder for applications according SIL3!

The standard industrial sized 58mm-housing contains two completely independent multiturn detections including a safety detection and connection to a safety certified bus system. Functional safety in mounting space of a standard encoder - thats possible with CD_582+FS developed and produced by TR Electronic! Read more here.

Increased safety for systems and people through SIL-certification

Certified according current standards (IEC 61508 / EN 62061, EN ISO 13849 -1), development and manufacturing processes of TR Electronic ensure high reliability of safety relevant products. Currently Machinery Directive requires the distributor to provide a detailed assessment of system and process safety. Influences on the remainder of the operating process, the user and the environment must be taken into account. The safety requirements that must be technically fulfilled are defined on the basis of the determined risk level.

The required safety level is determined according to the possible risks. This level has to be fulfilled by the components and structure choosen. TR-Electronic provides both: devices fitting perfectly into applications requiring SIL3 / PLe and SIL2 / PLd.

Absolute multiturn rotary encoder SIL 3 / SIL 2 CD_582+FS

SIL has never been so compact: Secured position information directly via a certified bus system using most current interface technology. Thats what provide the new safety encoders size 58 mm. Two completely redundant rotary encoders that share a compact 58 mm housing and provide cross-checked position signals without battery-buffered counters. Plenty of mechanical executions fit into various mechanical situations. With CD_582+FS, functional safety is not a question of mountig space any more.

SIL3-/PLe-certified absolute rotary encoder CD_75

The "Proven" one with hollow shaft up to 20 mm made by TR Electronic. CD_75 provides position and speed signals certified according to SIL3 / PLe directly via PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe, PROFINET/PROFIsafe, EtherCAT/FSoE Powerlink/openSAFETY. No need for external safety modules and thus transparent from shaft to the central control.

SIL3/Pld-certified incremental encoders

For secured detection of speed, direction of rotation or stationary monitoring, TR Electronic provides safety-certified incremental rotary encoders. The safety-certified rotary encoders allow for the operating modes SLS, SOS SSR, SDI and SSM in conjunction with an appropriate safety module.

All functional safety products at a glance:

Functional safety, smaller in size than ever

Currently smallest absolute multiturn encoder for applications according SIL3!

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Safety rotary encoders

Absolute rotary encoders for maximum safety according to SIL3 / PLe

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Heavy Duty + SIL = CDV115+FS

Safety-Encoders in ruggedized housings

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Functional safe incremental encoders

SIL3-certified incremental encoders

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