Rotary encoders

Absolute rotary encoders, incremental rotary encoders and wire-actuated encoders

TR-Electronic rotary encoders with optical or magnetic scanning precisely acquire position in steel production, wind power plants, cranes and ships as well as in explosion-proof versions in painting lines. Miniature versions ensure the correct position in medical technology and SIL3 approved absolute rotary encoders ensure the necessary safety.

In addition to high-quality rotary encoders for almost every application, we also offer extensive accessories such as programming tools, displays and assembly components for quick and simple commissioning and seamless integration into your processes.

All TR-Electronic rotary encoders at a glance:

Absolute rotary encoder

Compact rotary encoders, safety encoders, double rotary encoders and more
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Incremental rotary encoder

Programmable, explosion-proof, extremely resilient and more
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Wire-actuated encoders

Draw-wire encoders with absolute rotary encoders or incremental rotary encoders
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Electrical and mechanical accessories for rotary encoders
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