Incremental rotary encoders

Programmable, explosion-proof, extremely resilient and more

Incremental rotary encoders are used in machines and installations in different resolutions. Thanks to their simple design, incremental rotary encoders are more economical to manufacture than absolute rotary encoders. On the other hand, they only indicate position changes and cannot detect movements without a power supply.
In addition to our programmable all-rounder with 58mm housing for almost all resolutions, our product portfolio also includes a wide range of different sizes. In combination with hollow shafts, solid shafts of different diameters and a selection of flanges, you will find the right incremental rotary encoder for your machine's installation situation.

For secured detection of speed, direction of rotation or stationary monitoring, TR-Electronic provides safety-certified incremental rotary encoders. The safety-certified rotary encoders allow for the operating modes SLS, SOS SSR, SDI and SSM in conjunction with an appropriate safety module for SIL3 / PLe applications.

You will also find a multitude of housing options, e.g. ATEX-compliant housings and housings for use in aggressive media or for heavy mechanical stress (heavy-duty).

All TR-Electronic incremental rotary encoders at a glance:

Programmable incremental rotary encoders

The all-rounder in a 58mm housing
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Functional safe incremental encoders

SIL2-certified incremental encoders
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Non-programmable incremental rotary encoders

Factory-set resolution
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