Mechanical Connections for Incremental Rotary Encoders

Incremental rotary encoder with solid shaft

The solid shaft enables torsion resistant mounting and is actually so ordinary, that there is not much more to write about. But we do not only have them plain, but also with flat or pin/groove and in both US and metric dimensions.

Incremental rotary encoder with hollow shaft

The hollow (through) shaft is available as plain shaft or with pin/groove. Up to 80 mm shaft diameter, depending on the device type.

Incremental rotary encoder with blind shaft

The blind shaft is available as plain shaft or with pin/groove. In contrast to a hollow shaft, the blind shaft has the advantage of only one opening, that has to be sealed. Therefore it is generally more suitable for high rotation speeds.

Incremental rotary encoder with integrated coupling

Combines torsion resistant mounting of a solid shaft with the compact design of a blind shaft. Vibrations and shaft eccentricity are balanced by a cross coupling element made of plastic (PUR).