Functional Description of Incremental Position Transducers

A rotary movement is processed in the incremental position transducer and output in the form of an electrical signal. Angular increments are recorded via a pulse wheel with a fixed number of cycles per revolution. A scanning unit with an integrated optoelectronic system generates electrical signals and emits pulses (measuring increments) which are pre-processed at trigger stages.

The resolution of the incremental position transducer is defined by the number of light/dark segments (number of graduation marks per revolution) on the pulse wheel. For example, an encoder with 1,000 graduation marks will emit a signal sequence of 1,000 pulses while completing a single revolution.

In order to evaluate the code sequence, a 2nd signal sequence with a 90° phase offset is required for control purposes.

The counter of an external control system can be reset with an additional zero pulse in order to define the mechanical control reference point.