Programmable logic controllers

Programmable logic controllers for traditional automation solutions.

At TR-Electronic you will find different PLC variants for specific requirements: SPCP is our slot PLC for integration into higher level control PCs; the @PLC is a modular control for DIN-rail mounting for integration into networked automation environments.

Despite the fact that industrial PCs are becoming ever more powerful there is a requirement to use classic PLC systems as the central control, particularly in conjunction with retrofit tasks. The SPC-P is such a PLC, which is fully integrated into a higher level visualization computer. For simplified visualization and operation the SPC-P communicates with the the host PC via the PCI bus. Standard fieldbuses are offered for peripheral communication. Consequently the SPC-P slot PLC combines the stability of a separate CPU with simplified access to the process image through visualization.

To relieve the higher level control and the fieldbus, we offer a flexible PLC solution for decentralized pre-processing of signals and independent handling of sub-processes in the framework of our modular @ctiveIO fieldbus system with @PLC. @PLC is available for the standard automation bus systems and enables the independent construction of system parts with a standardized programming language (IEC-61131).

All programmable logic controllers (PLCs) at a glance:


Slot-PLC for visualization of processes with high transmission rate via PCI bus!

Our SPCP combines the stability of a hardware PLC with the simple visualization options of a software PLC.

CPU AMD G-Series
RAMup to 4 GB
Fieldbus (Master) Profibus-DP or Profinet
InterfacesStandard PC-Interfaces, PCI-Bus, Ethernet 10/100 MBit, USB
Data storageCompact Flash 1 GB
Display7-segment display
Programmable language  S5®, S7®
ProgrammingRS232 oder Ethernet
DriverSystemtreiber für WIN 2000/XP/7
Version V1.08


Decentralized pre-processing of signals and autonomous realization of sub-processes!

Our field PLCs relieve the superior controller and the fieldbus. With @PLC we meet the market's demands for modulare, decentralized intelligence, and by doing so we offer the key for flexible machine concepts.

Possible fieldbusses        CANopen
FiberOptic IIO
Ethernet + CANopen
Ethernet + FiberOptic IIO
Ethernet + Profibus-DP
Possible fieldbus nodes@C101, @C201, @C202, @C203
(You find the technical features of the different fieldbus nodes on "Systems - Fieldbus I/Os - Fieldbus nodes")
Programming language  CoDeSys IEC-61131

Operating manual

on request (@PLC mit Feldbusknoten @C101, CANopen (Slave))

Data sheet (@PLC mit Feldbusknoten @C101, CANopen (Master))

Data sheet (@PLC mit Feldbusknoten @C101,Profibus)

Data sheet (@PLC mit Feldbusknoten @C201,Ethernet)

Data sheet (@PLC mit Feldbusknoten @C201, Profibus-DP)

Data sheet (@PLC mit Feldbusknoten @C202, Ethernet)

Data sheet (@PLC mit Feldbusknoten @C202, Profibus-DP)

GSD/ EDS-Files