Modernization and upgrading of machines and systems

Older machines and systems with a low level of automation can increasingly diminish your competitiveness. They only allow comparatively slow processes, with a lower throughput and decreasing productivity and efficiency. On top of this, they often require short maintenance intervals generally leading to higher costs.

TR-Electronic has extensive practical experience in retrofitting hydraulic presses, among other things. We can help you to upgrade outdated machines and systems to the latest standards. After analyzing the actual condition of your machines and systems, we advise you on the necessary modernization measures, which we then also implement for you.

Your goal is our goal: higher productivity at lower costs. In this way, you can ensure your competitive advantage through efficient upgrading, without having to invest in complete new plants. You will extend the usability of your machines and avoid protracted and expensive training of your employees on new systems.

TR-Electronic's retrofit services at a glance:

  • Consulting
  • Recording and analysis of the actual condition
  • Process optimization
  • Development of safety concepts
  • Risk and hazard analysis
  • Cutting-edge algorithms for control and regulation
  • Recommissioning on-site
  • System-specific documentation
  • Training of your operating and maintenance personnel during the
  • handover phase
  • Production supervision
  • Service, e.g. remote maintenance
  • CE marking

Our retrofit services for electrical systems:

  • Installation of a new switch cabinet
  • Modification of your switch cabinet
  • Increased efficiency through supplementing the existing electrical system
  • Replacement of sensors and actuators
  • Replacement of the control system

Our retrofit services for hydraulic systems:

  • Increased efficiency through supplementing existing hydraulic systems