TR Electronic: successful start to the trade fair season

The sales specialists at TR-Electronic had to do without direct contact with interested parties and customers at trade fairs for two years. But in May 2022 there were a number of opportunities in Germany and internationally to talk personally about solutions for everything to do with digital angle and displacement measurement technology and the new series of innovative control systems "notion".

TR-Electronic and TRsystems presented themselves at the "All About Automation" and "FMB" series events in Friedrichshafen, Heilbronn, Düsseldorf and Augsburg. The colleagues from TR-Electronic Netherlands were able to inform a number of interested parties and customers about the products and solutions from TR in Kortrijk, Belgium. In Switzerland, TR-Electronic SA exhibited at the SIAMS in Moutier and the partner for sales in India (Spohn + Burkhardt India) showed the TR portfolio at the ExCon in Bangalore.

Safe absolute rotary encoders were an important topic at all of these events. PROFIsafe via PROFINET; openSAFETY via Powerlink and CIPsafety via Ethernet/IP cover a large part of the currently available controllers with safe bus systems, further interfaces will be added over the course of the year. The mechanical diversity supports the user during integration: with a solid shaft, blind hole or through hollow shaft up to 15 mm, the 58 mm diameter of this compact rotary encoder finds sufficient installation space where conventional, non-safe rotary encoders were previously installed. SIL2 or SIL3 are no longer a question of installation space.
The series of control and devices "notion" from TRsystems also got great attention at the events in Europe. Various sizes offer a convenient platform for control and visualization tasks, from compact, local machine control to networked control room applications for distributed systems. Devices with their own powerful CPU can perform complex control tasks themselves or the intelligent industrial terminals can bring the visualization and user interface of various control systems closer to the user via modern interfaces. With TRsystems' own platform notion#app, the communication from the controller to the operator is configured intuitively instead of being complexly programmed in high-level language.

Other national and international trade fairs in the coming weeks will be an opportunity to bring TR's innovative solutions very close to the users.

Press article including photograph