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Gift raffle at TR Electronic supports aid campaign

Every year, colleagues at TR receive gifts from suppliers and partners as an expression of appreciation for the good working relationship. Every year, the purchasing team bundles these gifts and organizes a well-equipped raffle. This year, Mr. Eichhorn, Ms. Tessari and Ms. Mink were proud to hand over the proceeds to the “Glücksmomente4Kids” campaign in the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region in April.

Glücksmomente4Kids strengthens families from our region. Families are given a positive break from their challenging everyday lives through individual moments of happiness. The children concerned are chronically ill, affected by disabilities or have increased support needs.

Glücksmomente4Kids acts as a large self-help group and helps families to network with each other. This has already resulted in friendships. Glücksmomente4Kids is committed to helping with applications for aids, therapies and other support services.

Glücksmomente4Kids is committed to inclusion, equal opportunities for children and their participation in social life.

Donations such as those from TR Electronic are necessary to make this vision a reality.

Learn more: www.Gluecksmomente4Kids.de

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