Rotary encoders with solar power

Rotary encoders with solar power

TR Electronic equips production building with photovoltaics.

What was still shown as a computer graphic in the image film is now reality. In the 40th year of TR Electronic's existence, the seventh construction phase on the campus in Trossingen is put into operation. The two-story building provides space for the next expansion steps of the Trossingen-based manufacturer of industrial sensor technology and automation components. At the same time, changes in logistics result in improved efficiency of all goods flows and production processes. Parts of the production have meanwhile moved into the building and have filled the new rooms with life. Together with the final work around the building, the new photovoltaic system is also being installed on the roof. After completion of the work, the system will have an output of 413 kWp. Although the yield is not yet sufficient to make the encoder manufacturer self-sufficient in terms of energy, a notable proportion of electricity consumption is now harvested directly from the roof. In this way, the industrial company, which is one of the largest employers in the city of music, is fulfilling part of its social responsibility. Despite the internal relocations and changes, TR Electronic remains fully capable of delivering, also thanks to the great commitment of the employees in planning and implementation. Further restructuring measures will be implemented in the coming months, thus ensuring the necessary conditions for further growth in all business areas such as encoders, linear encoders and decentralized actuators. The new building is a clear commitment of the traditional company to continue to develop and manufacture future products concentrated at the Trossingen site.

Image film by TR Electronic: https://youtu.be/YDO7X6Z9mK0

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