Redundant absolute rotary encoders CR_582 housing 58 mm

One housing, two independent rotary encoders, many flexible safety concepts!

The requirements for reliability, availability and safety of machines and systems are increasing. Users meet the requirements with strategies for the design of the machine, system and control technology that are adapted to the application. TR-Electronic has set itself the goal of supporting a wide variety of structures and strategies with high-quality technical solutions. In addition to the SIL/PL-certified sensor solutions, there are also redundant versions that also enable other safety and high-availability concepts in the design.

The CR_582 family integrates two rotary encoders in the space of a standard industrial encoder with a size of 58 mm. The position values are determined by two independent sensors and processed separately. Both sensors can also be parameterized differently from each other. The encoder transmits the values either via SSI, incremental or CANopen interface.

The two channels of In SSI/SSI and SSI/incremental variants are completely independent of each other and are even galvanically isolated. With CANopen there are two participants in the bus. The CAN signals are galvanically isolated from the supply.

The scanning technology used offers high reliability: the characteristic value determined during the analysis exceeds the requirements for avoiding common cause failures. The user relies on the characteristic value for the design of safety functions. He now has all the freedom to evaluate the two independently determined and transmitted measured values in terms of availability, safety and diagnostic coverage in his control. Mechanically, the CR_582 is available as a solid shaft device, with a blind shaft and with a directly attached cable pull for measuring lengths of up to 40 m. The connections are on the side of the device; Thanks to the plug design and coding, dangerous mix-ups when connecting are ruled out, even if access is difficult.

Users of TR encoders from the CR_58 family benefit from the wide range of services from many years of consistent customer orientation:

Matching outboard bearings allow use with higher shaft loads. The measured values can be scaled with numerator/denominator; this means that there are no rounding errors even with rotating, repeating axes. If the rotary encoder is sold with a cable attached, the zero point of the output is adjusted to the zero point of the range of motion of the cable mechanism.

These and many other features from the standard portfolio of TR-Electronic turn a standard rotary encoder into the perfect sensor for a specific application.

Redundant rotary encoders with solid and blind shaft in selector

Redundant rotary encoders with wire lenth box attached to it in selector