Data model for rotary encoders

Data model for rotary encoders - TR provides EPLAN-Macros for absolute, rotary encoders.

TR provides EPLAN-Macros for absolute, rotary encoders.

The quicker the required technical data for a component is available, the easier it is to integrate it when selecting and planning. Complete product data, comprehensive instructions and drawing data for the extensive product range from TR-Electronic have been available on the Internet site for many years.

TR-Electronic now offers EPLAN macros for download for the various standard rotary encoders of the C__582 series. This enables simple, seamless integration of the electrical side of the sensors from TR-Electronic into the electrical plan of the machine or system. Depending on how you work, different views can be used, which, for example, show bus and supply lines in separate units (for the separate documentation of data and supply lines) or together in one unit. If you work with pre-assembled cables and therefore do not need any detailed information about the cores of the bus cable, you can use a particularly compact representation.

For integration in parts lists, it is advisable to store the part order number of the selected rotary encoder in the macro data. This means that parts lists can also be easily created using the electrical plan and the decisions made on the design, interface, shaft geometry... are clearly defined via the part number.

Like all product documentation, the macros can be found in the downloads for the individual items on the TR-Electronic website via the product selector. The assignment to article numbers that can be ordered ensures that the macro valid for the respective rotary encoder is reliably identified.

The EPLAN macros complement the already available STEP 3D data of the latest encoder generation from TR-Electronic. This allows users to efficiently and reliably integrate TR rotary encoders into the mechanical and electrical design of a machine or system.

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