Compact outboard bearing

58 mm now for chain- or toothed belt use

Due to their compact and robust design, absolute rotary encoders from TR-Electronic are already very resistant to mechanical impacts such as vibrations and shock.

Chains and toothed belts are sometimes used to drive the encoder shaft. Even the double bearings of the latest 582 series of absolute multiturn rotary encoders are only suitable to a limited extent.

The new outboard bearing absorbs ten times the shaft forces compared to the standard encoder shaft. This means that chain and toothed belt drives or even heavy friction wheels are no problem.

Outboard bearing and the modular rotary encoder series 582 are optimally matched. Advantage for the user: The sensor is only 35 mm deeper, the diameter remains at 58 mm. C__582 rotary encoders with a new outboard bearing are therefore currently the most compact solution for increased shaft forces at TR. The application-side interface is a standard flange with a centering collar with a diameter of 36 mm ("clamping flange"), which can be clamped, fastened with servo clamps or on the face with the two available drilling patterns. The shaft has a diameter of 10 mm, is supplied with a fitting parallel key and has a front thread. A 50 mm centering collar ("servo flange") is also available as an option.

The shaft drive is fully positive-locking. This means that the same outboard bearing is also available as an option for the functionally safe rotary encoder CD_582, without any reductions in the SIL or the PL rating of the sensor.

The outboard bearing is ordered together with the rotary encoder and forms a structural unit with the sensor on delivery: A ready-to-use component for logistics and assembly.

  • Perfectly matched to C__582 encoder from TR
  • 10 times the axis forces in X and Y
  • 58 mm diameter is retained
  • Only 35 mm increase in depth
  • Available as an option for standard and SIL encoders
  • Supplied ready to use as a unit with rotary encoder

Technical Data of outboard bearing.

Rotary encoders that can be equipped with this bearing.

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