Absolute position measurement with IO Link

Absolute position measurement with IO Link

Modular linear-absolute position measuring system LMRB27-IOL by TR-Electronic

The absolute measuring systems of the LMR_27 series provide non-contact and absolute position values of a linear axis, such as hydraulic cylinders, with a sensor head with a diameter of only 27 mm. In the new variant LMRB27 with IO-Link, the interface cable is connected directly to the sensor head - the interface module as for the more complex bus systems of the LMRS27 is not required. The LMRB27-IOL thus joins the product line of ultra-compact, truly absolute position measuring systems from TR-Electronic.

If a machine or system has already integrated IO-Link as a bus system, it makes sense to also control sensors with complex measurement data with this bus system. The actual value communication takes place in a way that is compatible with normal, digital initiator communication between the linear encoder and the next distribution node in star distribution. This can collect a large amount of information and usually transmit it to the higher-level controller via high-performance Industrial Ethernet. The actual position is provided for the process. The linear encoder also supplies data for preventive machine maintenance, e.g. operating hours counter and temperature of the sensor head.

With the pressure-tight housing, the sensor can be installed directly in hydraulic cylinders that are prepared for position control (hollow-bored piston rod, mount for the sensor magnet in the piston base).

There are also suitable attachment options for use in machine frames, such as open magnets, which can be easily attached to moving machine parts and thus make the advantages of direct position measurement also available for electromechanical linear axes. Matching float magnets are available as accessories.

The LMRB27-IOL are available with measuring lengths up to 2000 mm (in steps); they have an absolute resolution of 0.1mm and a reproducibility of 0.1mm

  • direct connector for IO-Link (M12x4, A-coded)
  • small sensor head (D 27mm)
  • stroke up to 2000 mm
  • resolution and reproducibility 0,1 mm
  • as well available with direct connected analog interface
  • pressure proof sensor for integration into hydraulic cylinders
  • protective tube made from stainless steel
  • swimming magnets for liquid level measurement available
  • as well available as LMRS27 with industrial ethernet and other field busses (requires addl. interface module)

LMRB27 – compact linear position sensors with analog and IO-Link in selector