Measure reliably over long distances

LMC55 - Measure reliably over long distances

Wire-actuated encoders are subject to wear, and laser measuring systems cannot acquire several positions simultaneously in the same clear width. Magnetic tapes are susceptible to ferromagnetic chips, position marks read optically with readers can become soiled, magnetostrictive measuring systems are limited in their measuring length, and glass scales are unaffordable with increasing measurement lengths.

With LMC55 we have closed this gap: up to 30 positions are acquired simultaneously. The moving part is a passive magnet, which does not require power supply. The measuring system is only assembled to the full measuring length in the machine, and the individual parts are convenient (with a length of 2 m) to transport and store. The final measuring length is defined in situ by connecting the intermediate elements together to the desired overall length. Up to 20 m absolute position detection is supplied as standard (special lengths on request).

The flat housing of the actual measuring system can be installed flush with the floor. As it has no beads, product residues cannot stick to it. The actual positions are output to the control via PROFIBus, EtherCAT or CANopen. Quick activation is ensured with a little technical skill and standard tools. Other interfaces are available on request.


  • 5/100 mm precise, absolute, contact-free position measurement
  • Short cycle time: 10 m ~ 4 ms
  • Multiple measurement of up to 30 positions simultaneously
  • Reliabe, tight system with protection class IP65
  • Can be installed in any position (automatic addressing)
  • Device foot for mounting using holes or clamping shoes

Fields of application

  • Pneumatic workstations
  • Reel cutter
  • Event technology
  • Transfer vehicles
  • Replaces easily soiled, optical axes e.g. in profile cutting machines
  • Wear-free Y-axis in high-rack warehouse (replaces wire-actuated encoder) and much more.