Standard/compact rotary encoders

Programmable rotary encoders for standard industrial applications

TR-Electronic compact rotary encoders with 58 mm housing are the all-rounder for countless standard industrial applications. The absolute rotary encoders in the 58mm series have a modular design, are compatible with innumerable controls and available with a multitude of shaft and mounting variants. Thanks to this enormous flexibility and individual programmability they can also meet specific requirements at all times – in terms of both function and cost efficiency.

Our absolute rotary encoders with 65 mm housing offer more room for additional functions, such as connection to field bus cables and the output of up to 4 cam signals on up to 32 cam tracks. Thus even complex control tasks in a machine module can be directly handled by the rotary encoder.

All TR-Electronic standard/compact rotary encoders at a glance:

CMV 36

Small multi-turn, single-turn and incremental rotary encoders (36 mm) with great features

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Compact rotary encoders with 58 mm housing

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