Incremental encoder with fixed resolution

TR-Electronic provides new series of fixed-resolution incremental encoders.

Resolution of new series incremental encdoders is set in factory. Family IE_58 supports resolutions 2 up to 10.000 pulses per turn; family IO_58 is capable of resolutions up to 65.536 pulses.

Incremental rotary encoders series I__58 can be obtained with solid shaft, blind and hollow-through shaft for shaft diameters up to 15 mm. For linear measurements, IE_ and IO_ can be equipped with a suitable wire length encoders.

As connection options, M23 and M12 connectors are available, cable is possible as well.

Incremental encoders work with supply voltages from 4,75 up to 30 V dc. Output signal is factory set TTL (5 V) or HTL (= VCC).

Technical Data

  • IEx max 10.000 Increments
  • IOx max 65.536 Increments
  • Solid shaft, blind- and hollow shaft, wire lenght encoder
  • M23 / M12 connector or cable gland
  • Wide range power supply 4,75 … 30 VDC
  • TTL- or HTL-output

Our products: https://www.tr-electronic.com/s/S023177

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