System-neutral operating concept for machines and industrial systems

TRsystems complements control platform with innovative software package for man-machine interface

TRsystems has established a platform for innovative control solutions with notion.ABC. The notion.ABC got a few letters added. In addition to the traditional designs for support arm mounting, for panel installation and as boxed systems, new, industrially robust and hygienic hardware variants have been developed. Notion.D 42 with a screen diagonal of more than 1 m provide sufficient space even for the very extensive visualizations.

Optimally adapted to this hardware platform, the user can use the new software solution "notion#app" to provide his applications and machines with an up-to-date operating and display interface in the blink of an eye. If you are familiar with the latest tablets or smartphones, you will be able to create a visualization using the notion#app. Diverse display options can be linked to the process variables of a connected controller at the touch of a finger. Especially the real-time-value-dependent dynamic representation of objects in the visualization allows particularly intuitive insights into complex processes. Notion#app needs significantly less resources compared to standard HTML5 based SCADA systems. The key to connecting to currently available, network-enabled control systems is the notion#server component, which works on a notion platform on the network and provides process data to several notion#app on different visualization devices. While the notion#server component actually needs to run on genuine notion.ABC hardware, the notion # app clients can also be used on other hardware platforms - making it easy to operate a system via smartphone or off-the-shelf tablet. Only authorized users have access to the process data. The user management limits or grants for each user read or write access to the variables, the available display screens and controls.

Instead of developing a visualization with computer language, the interface is assembled directly on the target device and can already access the live process data during the design process - the effect of each change can be observed immediately. This eliminates the hassle of altering, transferring to the target system, testing and changing again. Nearly every property of a visualization component can be influenced by process variables. Common are color, bar lengths, deflection angle, number and character output. Notion#app is particularly powerful when elements of the visualization itself are moved across the surface using process values. Visually complex, animated visualizations are almost child's play.

Stand-alone systems without interconnection secure and manage the visualization screens and their configuration on local memory devices such as e.g. USB flash memory. Networked systems can use the notion#cloud, where licenses, devices and customer-specific projects can be secured and rolled out to networked operator panels. With notion#app, the localization of interfaces is no longer a problem - all language-dependent texts can be translated into almost all national languages using online translation tools.

With "notion#app", ergonomic and intuitive user interfaces are created, even for complex machines and systems, virtually with a "swoosh"

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