Rotary encoder for Profibus for direct on site cabling

Preconfigured connectors increase efficiency for production of series of machines. For special appliances, assembly of fieldbus cables on site may be a more useful alternative.

TR-Electronic stands for innovative sensor solutions with a large variety of interfaces. Of course, modern Industrial Ethernet solutions are growing, and at the same time traditional fieldbuses are not forgotten.
Users that install fieldbus cabling for their machines and appliances by assembling cables directly on site and do not take benefit from pre-configured bus cables with M12-Connectors, will be pleased by the latest innovation for generation 2 rotary encoders: the well-known fieldbush hood is now also available for the latest generation of encoders available from TR-Electronic. PROFIBUS networks can thus be connected directly to the construction site with the cable "off the reel". Generous cable glands accommodate cables suitable for cable chains, the supply voltage is supplied via a third cable gland. The terminal compartment provides convenient space for connecting the wires.
The address switches are also accessible in this way and secured with the hood closed against the adversities of industrial use and against unintentional configuration change. The switchable, internal terminator saves the purchase of a separate terminator module when used at the end of a Profibus line.
As is the case with the bus covers from TR, the bus remains active even when the open bus cover is open and the following devices are still accessible.
The current Generation 2 rotary encoders from TR-Electronic form a modular system. Solid shaft and blind shaft encoders have a diameter of 58 mm, hollow shaft encoders in 58 mm, 80 mm and 110 mm dimensions can be used for passing-through shafts from 8 to 50 mm. For each type, all interfaces of the generation 2 kit are available.

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