Flexible positioning drives and actuators

encoTRive – compatible solution for existing and new applications

The positioning drives of the "EncoTRive" product family from TR-Electronic are designed for a wide variety of positioning tasks. Substantial advantages of bringing together all components in integrated drive systems are in the product selection the functionally coordinated drive technology "from a single source" (electronic, mechanical, control engineering) as well as standardized series and application-specific modifications with a wide field of possible drive types for simple adjustments up to highly accurate and dynamic positioning tasks, in use, the separately buildable subunits and expansion modules of machines and plants, including autonomous commissioning, the powerful automation of main and secondary axes through decentralized machine architectures, standardized control via common fieldbuses, and relieved main control by drive-internal positioning algorithms and freely configurable telegrams.

The EncoTRive MP-xxx and EncoTRive MA-xxx series are similar to a drive type no longer available today from the former SIMODRIVE POSMO product range from SIEMENS AG.

The drive known as "POSMO A 75 W" has been discontinued by SIEMENS AG for new parts without substitution and without successor type, and for this reason has not been available since 2017.

Applications based on these can be seamlessly continued with the TR-Electronic drive types and expanded beyond that.
encoTRive uses the same series of gears, making the attachment 100% mechanically compatible.
Lower weight and more compact design combine with a wider variety of possible variants:

  • brushless with 4 power levels (type outputs 60..180 W)
  • with brush with 3 power levels (type output 55..130 W)
  • with Profibus DP
  • with Profinet IO
  • with similar control structures, based on the application profile PROFIdrive Version V3.0 with freely configurable telegrams
  • with extensive optimization options for reduction gears and gearbox types thanks to the versatile range of gearboxes.

SIEMENS AG has also discontinued the larger drive type "POSMO A 300 W".

Suitable drives from TR-Electronic are the MP-200, MP-280 and MD-300 series, with short-term peak power of 350 to 800 watts. In addition to Profibus DP, Profinet IO, CANopen and EtherCAT are available, as well as an optional holding brake.

All drives are designed for positioning operation and for this purpose have a built-in absolute encoder for only one-time homing. Alternatively, pure speed operation is possible.


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Further information on the discontinuation reports of SIEMENS AG:

Announcment of discontinuation of „POSMO A 75 W“
ID 109737449, 8.6.2016

Discontinuation of „POSMO A 75 W“
ID 109743947, 23.12.2016

Discontinuation of „POSMO A 300 W“
ID 109479148, 6.10.2015

SIMODRIVE POSMO is a registered trademark of Siemens AG