Absolute multiturn encoder with IO-Link interface

Absolute multiturn encoder with IO-Link interface

C__582 for the slender local bus

After being used in linear absolute encoders, TR-Electronic now also offers the point-to-point communication "IO-Link" in its absolute encoders. The clou of IO-Link: Often the suitable master is already present in a machine to read in and parameterize initiators. The rotary encoders from TR-Electronic with IO-Link use exactly this existing infrastructure to communicate with the controller. If a machine or plant has already integrated IO-Link as a bus system, it makes sense to also control absolute encoders with this bus system. The actual value communication is compatible with normal digital initiator communication between the encoder and the next distribution node in star distribution. This can collect a lot of information and usually connects via powerful Industrial Ethernet to the higher-level controller. Position and speed are provided for the process. With operating hours counter and device status, the absolute encoder also provides data for preventive machine maintenance. C__582 with IO-Link provides the option of converting internal states into programmable switching states of the digital output. This makes it easy to realize, for example, speed monitoring, position limit monitoring, limit switches and much more. The rotary encoder responds, for example, to the exceeding of a speed range like a normal initiator by means of a digital signal and can thus also transmit status messages to the simplest evaluation electronics.

You can easily adjust the zero position of the rotary encoder via IO-Link and the bus-specific parameterization tools - without having to turn the encoder itself. This makes the installation a breeze.

The integration into existing constellations should often be possible. Solid shaft, blind shaft and hollow through shaft up to 15 mm and a large variety of flanges makes integration into existing mechanics. 

Clever solution: With solid shaft and blind shaft, the plug connection can be ordered either on the side of the housing or axially on the back of the encoder - another way to make optimum use of the available installation space.

And if IO-Link is no longer sufficient due to its performance, TR-Electronic's C__582 rotary encoders are also available with PROFINET, EtherCAT and Ethernet / IP - each with exactly the same shaft, flange, connector orientation and installation space. Thus, the use of a rotary encoder from TR-Electronic with a specific interface is not a constructive dead end. New machine with a different bus system - the design can be adopted.

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