Series 582 also with INTERBUS-S

TR-Electronic combines the latest shaft encoder technology with an automation technology classic.

The highly efficient Interbus-S I/O bus has provided for fast control signal transmissions in automation for more than 30 years. Countless installations use this bus system worldwide. Any modification, alteration or retrofit must answer the question whether the existing communication system will be maintained.

A system-wide replacement means large investments and extensive manipulations even at the control level. A local extension does not always justify such expenses.

Heterogeneous systems where individual modules have different bus systems are technically feasible. Planning, commissioning and maintenance of control-level gateways and couplings require special attention and ultimately knowledge of all bus systems used. The reliability and investment security of entire plants is ensured by the use of a uniform bus system, especially in the automotive industry.
The easiest thing to do when planning modifications is to get the needed components from the same bus system that has proven its reliability over many years of operation.

TR provides the latest shaft encoder generation C__582 with the proven Interbus-S for these applications. All features of this new, modular shaft encoder series are available for the mechanical integration. Solid shafts, blind-hole shafts and hollow shafts (up to 15 mm!) in various standard and special diameters, and flanges for almost any mounting situation. The compact shaft encoder with a typical outside diameter of 58 mm can thus be integrated in a variety of new machine parts. Different scans and specific features enable the user to find the perfect balance between cost and resolution. All electronic encoder elements are developed using the latest methods and all of them meet the latest standards and norms. Modern technology also ensures long-term availability – exactly what customers and partners of TR-Electronic are used to for more than 30 years of cooperation.

This ultramodern measurement system benefits from the transmission features of a traditional fieldbus system, whose protocol efficiency was unmatched for a long time. The performance of Interbus-S is comparable to that of much more complex Industrial Ethernet solutions.

The almost intuitive local ring position addressing makes commissioning and troubleshooting a breeze. The transmission technology used is inherently highly robust against electromagnetic interference.
The use of a state-of-the-art, modular encoder system also pays off in other ways: The further use of a design in other automation environments is no problem as TR-Electronic has the exact same mechanical design for almost any bus system. For instance, you can use the same mechanical design for other bus systems if you have developed a workstation for a production line with Interbus-S and equipped it with C-582 from TR-Electronic. Identical mechanical design, different interface – not a problem with C__582 from TR-Electronic.