Heavy-duty multi-turn encoder with approval up to SIL3 / PLe

The functionally safe absolute multi-turn encoders by TR-Electronic CD_75 are established in the market. Stainless steel and ATEX versions open up new fields of application. A collar bearing that is integrated in the safety assessment will absorb large shaft forces. TR-Electronic GmbH has developed another version for crane systems in the steel industry: CDV115M+FS. Built into the tried-and-tested heavy-duty housing of the 115 series, SIL3 absolute encoders can be used for the entire shaft encoder even when high mechanical loads occur, such as those encountered in container loading cranes in port facilities or in the steel industry. Solid shafts up to 20 mm in diameter are available and properly dimensioned tongue-and-groove joints ensure an adequate engagement. The generously dimensioned bearing absorbs large shaft forces. The heavy-duty housing protects the encoder so that it can withstand rough handling, such as when misused as a passenger hoist or when knocked against other logistics vehicles. The condensation proof double magnetic sampling provides an IP65 rating and a temperature range of -40 to +65 °C. Saved absolute position and velocity values are transmitted via PROFIBUS, PROFINET (with PROFIsafe protocol), EtherCAT (according to the Standard Functional safety over Ethercat) or Powerlink (with OPENsafety protocol). Measured values are also available via unsecured protocols for faster signal processing. The secure protocol parts also serve for monitoring position and speed ranges. Fast actual values can be used for real-time enabled position control. Both from one and the same encoder system. The diverse redundant combination of glass and magnetic scanning provides incremental signals for the local speed feedback of a frequency converter. Thus, CDV115M assumes the function of up to three separately mounted encoders: Secured position and speed values, real-time enabled position and speed for central control and speed feedback for local control. And the robust protective housing enables all these functions to be performed where no conventional encoder would last long.

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