TR-Electronic GmbH signs ZVEI Code of Conduct

The owners, the management team and employees are aware of TR-Electronic GmbH's responsibility towards society. This responsibility has been the basis for our actions within the company and our dealings with customers, suppliers and partners for many years already.

TR is now substantiating this fact by acknowledging the Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility of the Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry (ZVEI). TR-Electronic GmbH has been a member of this industry association for many years already.

TR-Electronic GmbH affirms its social responsibility within the framework of its global business activities (corporate social responsibility). The "ZVEI Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility" acts as a guideline particularly with regard to working conditions, social and environmental compatibility, transparency, collaboration and dialog marked by trust. The Code of Conduct is an expression of a collective catalog of values which is implemented by TR-Electronic.

TR-Electronic is hereby responding to the different general conditions found on the global market and is facing the challenges and social expectations that come from intensified collaboration within the value chain.

Now, customers of TR have in writing what what they have already experienced with TR in the course of their long-term partnerships: TR bears responsibility for more than just the simple selling of products and services.

Employees, the majority of which have worked for TR for many years, are evidence of the fact that decent work conditions are not only formulated on paper but are an actual part of their daily working lives.

Mutual respect and fair interaction with suppliers leads to strong and enduring partnerships, which benefits both sides. TR looks looks further than the desktop in the sales department to take in the bigger picture along the entire supply chain.

Social responsibility in the form of sponsoring and financial support of sports, culture and social institutions but also through employees actively taking part in society and supporting the environment has long been a natural part of the TR corporate culture.

As an industry standard, the ZVEI Code of Conduct facilitates the interaction between customer and supplier. The Code of Conduct is recognized mutually by the undersigning companies. A list of the companies that have signed the Code is held by the industry association.

You can find the Code of Conduct on our certification webpage.
Further information about the Code of Conduct can be obtained from ZVEI.