Small multi-turn, single-turn and incremental rotary encoders (36 mm) with great features

A new design size is taking the market by storm: with a diameter of 36 mm, advanced encoder technology is moving in where there is no room for typical industrial design sizes. And there is absolutely no need for the 36-mm series of encoders from TR to hide behind the bigger design sizes. The series is made up of incremental, single and real multi-turn rotary encoders, some with single-scan, some with double-scan functionality, and implemented according to the redundancy concept from the gears to the scan, power supply and interface. You can rely on the tried and tested multi-turn gear technology, which has proven to be extremely durable; each revolution is accurately registered, even when not under voltage, and is not influenced by electromagnetic interference. The rotary encoders communicate with the control unit via incremental signals (K1, K2, K0 and negating), SSI, double SSI, SSI + incremental, and soon communication via DRIVECLiQ or CAN will be supported.

  • Bearing free:
    No rotating mechanical connection. Contact-free scanning, no wear and tear. Encapsulated electronics up to IP69k rating. Available as single-turn and incremental rotary encoder.
  • Integrated solid shaft:
    Tried and tested double bearing. Encoder is driven by shaft. Installed via flange with clamps or front-side screws.
  • Extremely tight:
    Up to IP69k rating with integrated and separate bearing, as single-turn and incremental rotary encoder. Optionally available with housing made completely of stainless steel.
  • Real multi-turn:
    Integrated compact gears with up to 4,096 revolutions, optionally up to 16 million! No counters, no battery buffering, robust against electromagnetic interference. Reliably registers every movement even without power supply.
  • Double rotary encoder:
    Complete two-channel installation. As single-turn with 2 x SSI, 4,096 steps/revolution. As multi-turn with redundant compact gears and 2x SSI, 4,096 steps/revolution and 4,096 revolutions.
  • Interfaces:
    Incremental rotary encoder: K1, K2, K0 and negating
    Absolute single and multi: SSI, 2x SSI, SSI + incremental, DRIVECLiQ and CAN (also with customer-specific protocols) are being prepared

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